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Hello Future Leaders!

Congratulations on taking the first step to understand the problems in Education.

The Bhumi Fellowship’s vision is to achieve equitable education for all children through systemic change. Currently, 13 fellows work in 11 schools in Chennai, benefitting over 3,500 children and we are looking forward to having you as part of our third cohort as we expand to more schools.

As you brace yourself towards taking a larger stride into the problem and becoming a changemaker, we urge you to put your best foot forward.

Stage I: Submitting your application

You need to write four important essay questions focusing on your experiences, achievements, challenges faced in the past, and your inspiration to join the Fellowship.

Pick out the most relevant experiences that you have had both professionally and personally.

# Write in detail Avoid
Leadership: During the Bhumi Fellowship program, you will learn, explore, lead yourself and others towards excellent outcomes. Your work and contribution while leading a team, your goals, your responsibilities as a leader and the final outcome/ achievement. Situations where you were a part of the team and simply participated as a team member.
Challenges: The Bhumi Fellowship program will involve situations where you will have to think deep and go to the grass root level to solve issues around you. A challenge that you faced in a professional or co-curricular space. Talk about the challenge and the action steps you took to overcome this challenge and the timeline it took. As much as possible, personal experiences that do not give us insight into your approach to the challenge.
Why Bhumi Fellowship: This will help us understand your aspirations and motivations to join the fellowship. The most pressing aspect to take up such a challenging role – what do you envision – what changes you want to bring as a Bhumi Fellow – what kind of education do you want to provide to all children. Any response that does not strongly convey your motivations and or one that does not give us insights into your aspirations after the fellowship.
An excellent school: A description that will help us understand your aspirations for the school system. Tell us about an ideal school or a dream school of which you would have liked to be a part and why. What efforts would you want to take to create such a school? Any vague answer. There is no right or wrong answer here.


To ask yourself, have I answered the question in a way that will get the reader to know me better?
Prepare your essays.
Write to us on [email protected] if you have any queries


Although the process is thorough, it is non-competitive. That is, we would like to recruit as many change makers as possible!
There are three mandatory stages to the final selection process.
It takes about five weeks to complete the selection process from the time of Application submission.
The process is selective at every stage. Hence, remember to give your 100% in every round.