In most schools today, the curriculum becomes obsolete well before students graduate from the class. So, what does this mean for our country? For our younger generations? What does it all mean for their future?

Who cares? We do!

At Bhumi, we’re passionate about driving meaningful change. We believe in a just system that provides equal opportunities for all. This includes a working education system that prepares children for a better tomorrow. 

We respect differences and know that our decisions echo. So, instead of just pondering over the problems of our current system, we decided to make the unworkable work. We believe that, as educators and socially conscious citizens, it is our responsibility to equip our underprivileged children with the knowledge and skills they will need to thrive tomorrow.

A Life-Changing Experience that Changes Lives.

The Bhumi Fellowship is a full-time paid two-year program designed to develop educational changemakers to lead the next movement in the public education system. Centred around the holistic development of children, the Bhumi fellowship will help you build an ecosystem within the school, to enable school leaders and teachers to equip students with the knowledge, adaptability, and resilience to thrive.

Over two-years, your primary focus will be
  • Identifying problems faced by the school or the community and design a robust and sustainable solution 
  • Supporting teachers with innovative teaching methods and building a forum for idea exchange and proof of value
  • Working actively on improving student learning outcomes by teaching for a minimum of 12-15 hours every week
  • Improving the leadership skills of school leaders/headmasters

In the process, you will:

  • Understand the educational ecosystem and facilitate change.
  • Develop leadership abilities, perseverance, entrepreneurial acumen, and strategic thinking amongst others.
  • Collaborate with influential changemakers in the educational space.
  • Build a self-sustaining system of change

After the two-year fellowship, you will have the opportunity to

  • lead a cluster of 3 to 5 schools 
  • transform the education ecosystem in your community


To build a movement of change-agents who can transform the school ecosystem and improve learning opportunities for underprivileged children in India.


To transform the education system by enabling youth as agents of change.


Final year students/Graduates between 20 and 30 years of age
Past volunteering or work experience in any field
Passionate about transforming the education system
Fluency in the Tamil Language

Selection Process

Application Process

Fill out the application form to give us a sense of who you are and why you want to be a part of the fellowship.

Telephonic Interview

After reviewing your application, we may have some additional questions for you. A telephonic interview will help us with the evaluation.

Personal Interview

After a successful evaluation, you will have to participate in a group discussion. Following this, an interview will be conducted.

The Thought-Leaders

Vaishnavi Srinivasan,
Executive Director, Bhumi

Her passion for socio-emotional development of children and teachers led to conceptualisng Bhumi’s whole-school transformation programme in 2017. With over 12 years of experience as a volunteer in Bhumi, she has donned multiple hats including programme management, corporate relations, fundraising, communication, and volunteer management in the organisation.

Lokeshwaran Nagaraj,
Programme Manager

With a Master’s degree in Space Engineering and Rocketry, he was a Teach For India Fellow prior to joining Bhumi. His volunteering experiences triggered his interest in the social sector, inspiring him to apply for the fellowship where he had become skilled in effective pedagogical practices, project planning, systems thinking, logic frameworks and school leadership principles.

Vaishnavi Ramanidhar,
Programme Manager

She started her career in IT but her passion to make a difference led her to become an India Fellow. She worked on Milaan Foundation’s leadership development program for adolescent girls where she was instrumental in designing and implementing the program in a new location helping her gain experience in project planning, team building, leadership and conflict resolution

Fellows - Cohort 2020

Anjali Sarmah

An architect by profession, Anjali is passionate about heritage conservation and writing. She believes that Education is the only way for our society to progress and that beginning at the grassroots is the only way to implement change.

Monika Thangavelu

With her passion to give back to society, Monika did her Masters in International Human Rights Law. She dreams of making every child read and write and wants to work directly at the grassroots level to understand the real issues in the system.

Neelanjana Varanasi

Neelanjana has a degree in Business Administration and believes that the right education has the power to radically transform an individual and prepare them for the world. She finds inspiration from the women in her life and loves to meet people and learn from them.

Charlene Judith Pereira

Having studied Psychology, Literature and Journalism, Charlene Judith is someone who loves to read. She believes in living in the moment and draws inspiration from the little things around her.

Abhinaya Sridharan

Being a lawyer by degree, Abhinaya wants to make the world a better place by helping shape one young mind at a time. She also loves to sing, dance and talk about lesser known history facts.

The Transformational Effect of a Fellowship

Final Deadline: Monday, August 31, 2020

The application deadline is 10:00 PM IST on the mentioned date and the outcome will be communicated via email for each round within 7-10 days.

It takes our collective efforts to tackle a problem of this magnitude. Be a part of the solution. Join us to create a more equal and just India.