Selection Process – Bhumi Fellowship

Selection Process

Stage 1

Application - Your application will help us understand your experiences, your aspirations, and motivations to join the Bhumi Fellowship.

Stage 2

Telephonic Interview - A 30-minute telephonic conversation to understand a little more in depth about you that may not have been captured on the application form.

Stage 3

Final Assessment - Final stage of the selection process comprising lesson execution, group discussion, and problem solving. Upon clearing these, you will be invited to a personal interview.

Our Fellows must be:

  • Passionate about bringing about a change in Education
  • Critical thinkers with an aptitude to solve problems
  • Resilient in the face of challenges
  • Able to build relationships and strengthen partnerships through purpose-driven conversations
  • Individuals with a track record of demonstrated leadership in other spaces which will be honed further during and after this two-year period
Fellowship Location: Chennai