Being the Change

The last of human freedoms – the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.

Viktor Frankl

We as a country and generation as a whole are more aware and ‘woke’ than ever before. We have access to information at our fingertips in this age of the internet and information which begs the question – how many of us take action on these things that we often talk about? How many of us have stopped to question the very privilege that gives us the ability to critique and comment on the social evils that we see today? Is there a silver bullet to solving the problems of the world? How can we contribute to the solution? 

As a youngster in college, these were very pertinent questions that bothered me and a couple of my friends when we visited an orphanage on Sept 15, 2015. For the next 15 months, we would visit them every Sunday to tutor them, play with them, and just spend time with them as friends. What we taught them during this duration pales in comparison to what we learned from them. These experiences led me to do a 2-year full-time fellowship in Education where I was placed in a government school.

Fellowships are rigorous learning experiences where you learn by doing and you learn more in 2 years than you ever could have imagined was possible. The fellowship gave me clarity on my long term goals within the realm of education and the skills I needed to develop to attempt to do justice to it. The fellowship taught me the value of resilience and creative problem-solving. Teachers are said to make over 1000 decisions per day – decision making and judgment, a crucial skill in leadership was ingrained into the fellowship model by default where I was required to make important decisions that affect my children and their trajectories in school and beyond. I learned what it means to be a reflective practitioner and realized that focussing on self-development is the first step to leadership and collaboration. My class of ‘Dreamers’ taught me that there is potential in every child and a good teacher treats them equally irrespective of whether or not they conform to the ‘usual criteria for success’.

The fellowship led me to explore whole school transformation as the means of creating change that is replicable across schools and in turn, the system. I now work with Bhumi Fellowship where we envision creating the changemakers of tomorrow who lead the next movement in Education. The Bhumi Fellowship is designed for young graduates/ professionals to create systemic changes in the school system while learning and practicing crucial knowledge, skills, and mindsets to become leaders in the Education sector. The Bhumi Fellowship is a platform for thinkers to become doers and contribute to the solution of the problem. We at Bhumi believe that there is no dearth of talent in our country and if more of our youngsters join Education, we will be on the path to achieving quality education for all.


If you are a young graduate or professional who aspires to be the change, we invite you to apply to be a Bhumi Fellow. If you are someone who has been through a similar fellowship and wants to be part of the growing and passionate Bhumi Fellowship team, we invite you to join our staff team. If you are a donor who believes in this vision of creating a more equal society through Education, we invite you to get in touch with us.


There might not be a silver bullet to solving the problems of today and tomorrow but Education is our best bet yet.


Contributed by- Lokeshwaran Nagaraj, Programme Manager – Bhumi Fellowship


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