Author: Anjali Sarmah, Bhumi Fellow As a new entrant to the social sector, the first two months of the fellowship were quite challenging. It took a lot of time and continuous reflection to be able to work without external factors getting in the way. “Social change is a marathon,



Teaching 2nd graders numeracy is a tremendous responsibility. How does one make numeracy “fun” – this is the question that ran on my mind constantly. How do I make it relatable to them, so that they feel it is interesting enough to take part in the subject with me?

The Journey So Far

My journey so far has been about confronting what I have been running away from. It has been about understanding how the savior complex has played out in my journey.  With our cohort stepping into the second year of the fellowship, I am grateful for the year that has


Building Bridges

Being a teacher involves establishing a culture of trust – with your students, parents, and co-teachers. As a new teacher and a virtual stranger, I wondered if it would be possible for me to achieve this in a virtual environment. Looking back, I can visualize how nervous I was