The ineffectiveness of the Indian education system puts our future generations at risk. Only a new and more effective learning method can equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive tomorrow. The Bhumi Fellowships offers you a chance to reimagine the way we learn and create a working system that prepares children for a better tomorrow.

Spirited young graduates (between 21 and 30 years old) who are willing to commit to a two-year full-time fellowship and can read and, speak Tamil fluently.

In and around Chennai

Fellows with strong commitment to the education sector are offered a platform through the fellowship to immerse in the education ecosystem through the Whole School Transformation programme. The journey will also help them build their entrepreneurial acumen by designing solutions to problems in classrooms, schools, or the immediate community that will address education inequity and quality within schools.

Further to supporting with the delivery of the whole school transformation programme in schools through a structured module, the fellows will be trained in personal leadership, pedagogy, systemic change and entrepreneurial skills. An exposure to other potential educators/education entrepreneurs in the ecosystem will also be offered.

Two years. You will commit to working full-time.

The fellows will be put on an entrepreneurial journey to replicate the model in a location of their choice. Alternatively, they can pursue a career in education with Bhumi or any other like-minded organisation.

The Next Deadline for accepting applications is June 30, 2021. 
The outcome will be communicated via email within 1 week.

Yes, you will receive a monthly grant of Rs 18,000 (taxable). All program relaxed expenses like phone, travel, and stationery will be reimbursed additionally as per policy.

Yes, most certainly. We understand that COVID-19 has affected graduation but we don’t want to let that affect your future plans in any way.

You can claim your rewards once your referred friend is selected and starts attending Fellowship Institute by June 2021. 

We will send you a reward email, which will ask you to confirm how you would like to claim it. In case of vouchers we will share the  online voucher link with you. If you choose to donate , we will do the same  in your name and share the receipt with you.

This year the Fellowship Team is looking to recruit 25 fellows. You can refer any number of fellows upto 25 and claim that many rewards. 

You can claim your reward from the time you’re eligible to upto one month. The Flipkart/ Amazon vouchers will have an expiry date for use, you need to follow the same to utilise their benefits. 

We will send you an email every time your friend crosses one threshold of selection.

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