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Bhumi Fellowship

Do you want to be a leader who can change the Indian Education System?
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One of India’s first experiential fellowship programs to take a whole-school approach to transformation


Unique model to take collective approach for equitable education.

Beacon CHE 15- 00662

Sector’s best mentoring for leading self, others, and impact

What will you get?

- Monthly grant of Rs 18,000
- In-depth real time training
- Life-long access to an alumni community of changemakers

- Exposure to organisations striving for excellence in education
- Improved Self-Management, Collaboration, Communication, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, and Leadership

- Access to a network of social entrepreneurs for personal and professional growth
- An opportunity to continue your journey in Bhumi as a full-time employee

"The Bhumi Fellowship has been an eye-opener in terms of understanding myself and the world around me. Despite the challenging times we find ourselves in, by being here, I feel that either I am a part of the solution, or actively working towards it. This is a wonderful start in understanding our education system better and working on improving it, together."
Abhinaya Sridharan
Bhumi Fellow - Cohort 2020
"The Bhumi fellowship has been a multi-faceted experience and has helped me sharpen a plethora of my skills within a very short timeframe. It regularly poses challenges and enables individual growth and development. The journey, so far, has been immensely exciting and I am sure it will open a world of possibilities. "
Charlene Judith Pereira
Bhumi Fellow - Cohort 2020

Senior Leadership

Vaishnavi Srinivasan

Executive Director, Bhumi

Lokeshwaran Nagaraj

Senior Manager, Bhumi Fellowship

Applications Received

Bhumi Fellowship, an initiative by Bhumi, is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 – “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

Next application deadline

February 13, 2022