Back to School Internship

We are sending you Back to School – but this time to explore how schooling can be better for more than a million children in India. 

An exclusive part-time internship opportunity in your town/city with the Bhumi Fellowship Program. 

This internship will enable you to understand the status of education in a Government school in Tamil Nadu and explore the possibility of a full-time career in the social / education space. 

Register for Bhumi’s BTS Internship programme today and take your first step towards change. On successful completion, you will receive a certificate from Bhumi. 



  • Gain a better understanding of the education sector by interacting with teachers and HMs in the school ecosystem 
  • Improve active listening and communication skills by working and learning as a team 
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by proposing sustainable solutions to challenges faced in the school system 
  • Personal mentoring by the Bhumi Fellowship team 
  • A certificate from Bhumi on successful completion 
  • Best performing interns will have the opportunity to be fast-tracked to the Bhumi Fellowship


  • Graduate or final year student graduating in 2021
  • 20-30 years of age


  • Duration: Three weeks – First Batch starting on March 1, 2021
  • Time commitment: 2-3 hours per day
  • Successful applicants will undergo an orientation.  

Role of a selected Intern: 

During the internship, you will: 

  1. Have a conversation with a Head- Master/Mistress, teacher or a student in a low-income school about the challenges they face and document their findings. 
  2. Complete the reading materials and take part in a discussion 
  3. Debate on your understanding of the education ecosystem 
  4. Research and propose sustainable solutions to practical challenges faced in the school system 

The Bhumi Fellowship is a two-year, paid, full-time fellowship program for young graduates who want to improve the quality of education in India by transforming schools.