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With equitable education more than 1 million poor children in India can become global citizens, powerful agents of change and the next generation of scientists, doctors and world leaders. By referring a Bhumi Fellow you can participate in building a more educated, just and equal India.

Start Referring now,  help them participate in building better schools with Bhumi Fellowship.

*This year we are recruiting 25 fellows in Chennai and you can help us.

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You are eligible to receive Rs 5,000 as a cash reward for every fellow you refer once your friend completes all the stages of selection and finally starts attending Fellowship Institute in June 2021. 


You can claim your rewards as vouchers from Amazon/Flipkart or you can choose to donate the same amount towards Bhumi’s Scholarship Program. Either way you will help us scale our impact through Quality Education. So start now!

A full-time opportunity to transform school education in low-income schools of Chennai. He /She will receive a monthly grant of Rs 18,000 (taxable) for the next two years as a Bhumi Fellow. The journey will also help them build their entrepreneurial acumen by designing solutions to problems in classrooms, schools, or the immediate community that will address education inequity and quality within schools.

  • Final year students/Graduates between 20 and 30 years of age
  • Passionate about transforming the education system
  • Past volunteering or work experience in any field
  • Fluency in Tamil preferred ( not mandatory)
"The Bhumi fellowship has been a multi-faceted experience and has helped me sharpen a plethora of my skills within a very short timeframe. It regularly poses challenges and enables individual growth and development. The journey, so far, has been immensely exciting and I am sure it will open up a world of possibilities."
- Charlene Judith Pereira
Bhumi Fellow ( First Cohort)

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