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India’s Learning Crisis – It’s Time to Act 

India was already facing an educational crisis, the pandemic has further expedited it.  While we have significantly increased access to education, being in school isn’t the same thing as learning. 

In low-income schools across Tamil Nadu, only less than 15% of children in Class 3 can read a Class 2 text.

Now is the time to act and do something about this.

Sign up for the Bhumi Fellowship Referral Campaign and help your friends and family join our movement of transforming schools. Refer them to become Bhumi Fellows and every time you cross a milestone we have exciting cash rewards waiting for you. Together let’s build better schools. This year we are looking to recruit 25 fellows and you can help us. 

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Cash Reward System for Fellowship Referral Campaign: 

It’s a win-win. Every fellow you refer helps you win cash rewards of Rs 5000, which you can either claim as vouchers from Amazon/Flipkart or you can choose to donate the same amount towards Bhumi’s Scholarship Program. Either way, you will help us scale our impact through quality Education. So start now!