Application Support 2 – Bhumi Fellowship
Hello Potential Leaders!
Congratulations on unlocking the key to a journey of learning, collaboration and growth.

The next stage is a telephonic interview for us to interact with you and seek clarity on your aspirations and motivations that may not have been captured in the application.

What are some things to remember?

  • It’s just another conversation! We want to get to know YOU as a person and that’s all there is to this interview.
  • Firstly, ensure you have a very good understanding of the Bhumi Fellowship model
  • Secondly, remember to go back to the responses you gave in the application and stay relevant to the questions asked.
  • And finally, reflect on some of your best leadership experiences as recent as possible, some challenges you have faced, and how you overcame them.

The date and time window are available here. Choose the slot that’s most convenient to you. Ensure your availability at the confirmed slot chosen.

Write to us on [email protected] if you have any queries

We wish you the best!