Fellowship | Bhumi | Transforming Education


Congratulations! You have made it to the top 20% of this year’s selection process.

The final assessment will give us an opportunity to understand your strengths in some key areas that will be relevant to the Fellowship journey.

There are two parts to the assessment:

Day 1

  • Lesson Delivery

    As fellows, you will be required to teach primary grade children and this part will help us see how you approach teaching.

    Pick a grade: Class 3, 4 OR 5

    Choose a topic: From Math OR English

    Prepare a lesson plan to deliver this topic in a 10-minute class.
    Include the details of any Teaching Learning Materials that you will be using during the lesson delivery in your lesson plan.

    Avoid: lecture or one way mode of teaching.

  • Group Discussion

    Work in collaboration, while actively expressing your individual thoughts, to solve a problem related to whole-school transformation.

    Avoid: Shouting your thoughts, disrespecting others in the group, rushing to be the first one to answer.

Day 2

A 40-60 minute personal interview over Zoom to understand YOU. Further details will be shared at the end of Day 1.

Write to us on [email protected] if you have any queries