Abhinaya Sridharan

The Bhumi Fellowship has been an eye opener in terms of understanding myself and the world around me. Despite the challenging times we find ourselves in, by being here, I feel that either I am a part of the solution, or actively working towards it. This is a wonderful

Monika Thangavelu

The Bhumi Fellowship has been a place of ‘learnings’. Working with various stakeholders helped me explore new roles and develop new skills. I think there is more to discover and experience in this field, which I am looking forward to. The fellowship team has been extremely helpful, compassionate and

Neelanjana Varanasi

The fellowship has challenged me and pushed me to think in ways that I would have never thought possible. Interacting with multiple stakeholders and working with children teaches you a lot and every interaction is a learning experience. The program team and my co-fellows are some of the most

Anjali Sarmah

The Bhumi Fellowship has proved to be transformational in a very short span of time. It is a constant learning experience which has improved as well as challenged me as an individual. Most importantly for me, the fellowship team has created a safe space for us fellows to collaborate

Charlene Judith Pereira

The Bhumi fellowship has been a multi-faceted experience and has helped me sharpen a plethora of my skills within a very short timeframe. It regularly poses challenges and enables individual growth and development. The journey, so far, has been immensely exciting and I am sure it will open up