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Fellow Interventions

Our fellows teach children foundational literacy and numeracy and socio-emotional learning. Our fellows also work directly with the teachers, school leaders, and parents for holistic development.


Short Term

Fellows build knowledge and skills in designing education solutions

Improving student learning in English & Mathematics

Enhanced motivation and awareness in children

Improved teaching practices in teachers

Environment of collaboration

Increased awareness and motivation

Long Term

Schools as one collective unit of change centered around holistic development of children

Fellows become changemakers who lead the next movement in education towards equitable education for all children

Key Interventions

  • Achievement of Students

    Spelling tests to assess mastery of the sounds and recognizing them. Close to 60% of the class scored above 50% in the tests.

    Children bringing in science experiments/inventions into the class (such as homemade stylus)

  • Interventions taken for Teachers

    Focus Group Discussion on Parent – Teacher interactions

    Child Sexual Abuse Session facilitated for 18 Teachers

  • Interventions taken for HM

    Reflection space to set an overall vision for the school and the stakeholders in the system

  • Interventions taken for Parents

    Physical well-being workshop was organized by Bhumi Team/Volunteers and Teachers for 95 parents and children at school.

    Regularly connecting with parents to understand and manage expectations

  • Interventions taken at School Level

    Library and wash area constructed

    Regular use of digital medium to learn in offline classes




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